The Eye of the Norm

  • Who is given access to the rooms of power?
  • What rules are applicable in the boardroom?
  • ‘The Eye Of The Norm’ puts light on the lack of variety and diversity in the room of power, but is more than a politically correct message in the form of a short film. It also challenges the norms of art and dance as such. The purpose of the dance film is, in addition to providing a strong artistic and emotional experience, to work towards development and change in regards to participation of people with different abilities in the arts.

Corona Calls

A piece performed by three internationally renowned dancers and choreographers Helene Karabuda, Stina Ahlberg, Åsa N Åström depicturing the very strange condition under which we had to communicate during 2020.

The music specially composed for the “call” by Alfons Karabuda.

Dance and Choreography
Helene Karabuda
Stina Ahlberg
Åsa N Åström

The Balcony

A vacation is coming to an end.

The day dedicated to cleaning and packing instead ended up, as usual, Helene and Alfons Karabuda creating a film…

They call it The Balcony, for apparent reasons.

The music composition is Alfons Karabuda’s from the play Death of Tintagiles (National Theatre of Sweden) and choreography @helenekarabuda .