There is as much to say about NFTs as the diverse use they represent.

Regardless of which of these uses the media chooses to highlight, we believe they are part of the revolution in how artistic and cultural expression is monetized.

Below you have the opportunity to buy ownership of our digital assets, such as a song, photo, video clip, or digital artwork. 

How can digital be original?

How can an mp3 file of a song be considered limited and appreciate in value if it can so easily be copied and uploaded to streaming services for everyone to hear?

That’s where NFTs come in. The non-fungible token is sort of like the mp3 file plus a tag that says “this file is original, limited edition, and can’t be copied.” In other words, NFTs allow digital items to be treated just like an original Picasso painting. 

If you’re still having trouble wrapping your head around NFTs, think of a signed vinyl record from your favorite band that you bought in 1995. The music from the record is still available pretty much anywhere, but you’re the only person who has that particular vinyl. There’s no other vinyl that was signed in quite the same way, and it’s impossible to replicate it. Now in 2021, the band is no longer together and a signed record from them goes for $1,000 on eBay. There’s an entire aftermarket of people who want to get their hands on it. 

This means that people can now invest in songs, videos, and digital artwork in the same way they would invest in physical art. It opens up a whole new marketplace for fans and collectors, and a world of possibilities for artists. 

Owners can sell the NFTs and transfer ownership, and they can make or lose money, depending on how the value of the NFTs changes over time. 

Our NFTs for sale starting with our award-winning dance film The Eye of the Norm

The Eye of the Norm

Who is given access to the rooms of power?
What rules are applicable in the boardroom?

‘The Eye Of The Norm’ puts light on the lack of variety and diversity in the room of power, but is more than a politically correct message in the form of a short film. It also challenges the norms of art and dance as such. The purpose of the dance film is, in addition to providing a strong artistic and emotional experience, to work towards development and change in regards to participation of people with different abilities in the arts.

Corona Calls

A piece performed by three internationally renowned dancers and choreographers Helene Karabuda, Stina Ahlberg, Åsa N Åström depicturing the very strange condition under which we had to communicate during 2020.

The music specially composed for the “call” by Alfons Karabuda.

Dance and Choreography
Helene Karabuda
Stina Ahlberg
Åsa N Åström

Corona Calls